Dear Crabby, Are There Other December Holidays I Can Celebrate?

Dear Crabby,

I know everyone is high on holiday spirit, but I don’t celebrate Channakuh, Christmas, or any of the other so-called traditional holidays. So, what are my other options in December?

Thanks, Frank Felicitations

Dear Mr. Felicitations,

DearCrabbyI hear what you’re saying. My holiday spirit usually lasts until the first person pushes me in Target trying to get to a bright, shiny something or other. In the Crabby household we do celebrate Christmas, but between you and me, I think we could tone down some of the traditions. Anytime Mrs. Crabby wants me to participate in some festivity, she plays the, ‘but it’s tradition’ card. Gets me every time! Still, you ask an interesting question, so I decided to do some investigating and I found a couple of holidays that might interest you. While others are celebrating the official start of winter on December 21, you can be indulging in Humbug Day! Now, I have to admit this sounds like my kind of holiday. Apparently, it was created to take a break from all the hustle and bustle (and rude people) of the holidays. So come Monday, channel your inner Scrooge and shout ‘Bah Humbug’ whenever the spirits of past, present, or future move you. On December 26, lots of people like to hit the after-Christmas sales, but you can skip all that and dive right on into National Whiner’s Day. Yep. Whine away about people, the presents you didn’t receive, or whatever else gets your panties in a bunch.

I hope you found my holiday alternatives helpful and that you take a moment to enjoy something about the season. As for me, I’m headed out in caroling (even though there’s no snow) followed by hot cocoa (even though it’s in the 50s) because, you guessed it, it’s tradition.

Good luck!
Dear Crabby

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