Dear Crabby, Are you a Writer or a Blogger?

Dear Crabby, Are you a Writer or a Blogger?

Sincerely, John Penn


Dear Mr. Penn,

You know I like to give short answers first, then go into detail to answer, and then bring it back around to leave you wondering if I actually answered the question you asked. While that’s fun and all, let me start with the long answer first.

A writer is underpaid, up late, up early, forgets daily routines, and crafts words into magical flows of sounds linked together with thoughts and grammar. They ditch their loved ones to finish a book. They consume enough coffee to keep a small South American village alive and well. And they ask way too many questions about life, love, and loss.

Bloggers type key words into headers, only to repeat them in the first paragraph so the Google monster will like them. They like, share, tweet, pin, post, comment, and want you to do the same. Bloggers rant and bloggers rave, they do Tweeter interviews and Blog tours – whatever those are. They are the CEO of their SEO. Some are well paid by third party affiliates. And some just vomit sentences onto a screen that when read aloud sounds like a New York cab driver talking on his cell phone to his mother back in the old country.

Both can do well, and both can have few readers but keeping doing it, over and over again. Me, I’m both and neither. I’m Crabby first, then a writer, then a blogger. But I’m only a “blogger” because my minions take my work and toss it up on that Internet thing for you to read. I don’t care about S. E. Oh my gosh stop using acronyms! I’ve seen social media, give me a rotary phone and pen & paper any day. And I don’t really need you to like me, pin me, post me, or any of that stuff.

A writer writers. A blogger blogs. And a Crabby does what a Crabby is. Thanks for reading.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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