Dear Crabby, Are You Excited About the Canadian Border Reopening?

Dear Crabby,

Did you hear the news? After more than a year of having the U.S.–Canadian border closed, it’s finally opening back up! I’m so excited! Will you be visiting Canada anytime soon?


Luc Loonie

Dear Luc Loonie,

Slow your maple syrup there, buddy. That poutine ain’t going anywhere and don’t forget we have Tim Hortons on this side as well. Anyway, it was announced in July that Canada plans to reopen the border with the United States to all nonessential, fully vaccinated travelers come Monday, August 9. And while I have fond memories of taking my family for Sunday drives over the border, I’m in no hurry to pack up the car yet. That’s because there’s a teensy snag in the whole border reopening plan – it may not actually happen. Or at the very least, it will be a huge pain.  

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It turns out not everyone is thrilled with the idea. Specifically, the border guards, who voted recently to go on strike. According to their union president, it’s all a coincidence that the strike could happen just as the U.S. border is scheduled to reopen. I don’t know. Sounds kind of fishy, right? But let’s say there is no strike and come Monday Michiganders start heading to Canada. My question is, will they be able to get back?

Here’s the thing, on our side, President Biden has said nonessential travel between the two countries will be restricted until at least Saturday, August 21. Of course, that’s no big deal if you’re planning to be in Canada for a couple of weeks, but if you’re just going over for the day? Eh, I wouldn’t want to risk not being able to sleep in my own bed. Then there’s all the rigamarole of having to use an app to prove you’re fully vaccinated 72 hours BEFORE you go. Plus, the pain of having to look up all the different rules for each province. Heck. Ontario only opened indoor dining not too long ago. So, I guess how many hoops you have to jump through depends on what you’re planning to do while you’re visiting. Oh, get this. Do you remember back in the good old days when sometimes your vehicle was ‘randomly selected’ for inspection? Now, a surveillance program will randomly select travelers who will have to take a Day 1 COVID-19 molecular test and have a plan in place to quarantine in case they test positive!

Look, I know Canada is desperate for our cash. After all, in 2019, U.S. visitors alone spent over $9 billion on day trips and overnight visits to Canada. That’s a lot of Timbits, Molson Canadian, and Swiss Chalet. And not to overstate our importance, but that’s in comparison to tourists from other countries who spent a combined $9.61 billion. But as much as I’d like to help them out, I’m staying put for now. Just do me a favor and don’t tell Mrs. Crabby The Stratford Festival is open or else she’ll try dragging me to one of those dang plays. In the meantime, I think I’ll stick to hitting the casinos on this side of the Detroit River.

See you at the roulette tables!

Dear Crabby

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