Dear Crabby, Are You Ready for Big Ten Football?

Dear Crabby,

I can hardly contain my excitement that Big Ten football kicks off this weekend. Are you excited too? Which teams do you think will do well?


Tony Touchdown

Dear Tony Touchdown,

Yes. I am pretty happy that college football will now be added back to my weekend viewing. Not only does it get me out of raking the stupid leaves in my yard, but it finally feels like fall in Michigan. All that back-and-forth of ‘will they or won’t play’ was starting to give me a headache. I know that other conferences have already been playing, but why would I give a toss about them? For me, the only conference that matters is the Big Ten. Even though I still think it’s dumb we have 14 teams. And while traditions like tailgating and having a stadium full of fans won’t be happening, at least we’ll still get the satisfaction of yelling at our televisions. What I don’t envy are all the hoops and hurdles the coaches, players, etc. have to endure just to make it on the field.

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Did you know that before every practice and game, players, coaches, trainers, and water boys and girls have to get something called antigen testing done? I’m not sure exactly what that is, but it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun to me. Once they get tested, the designated CIO – Chief Infections Officer – is responsible for collecting and reporting all the data to the Big Ten Conference. Shoot. It used to be if you told someone you were a CIO, it meant you were the company’s Chief Information Officer. Who says this pandemic isn’t creating new job opportunities? I guess if they can do all that, I can make the ‘sacrifice’ and watch all the games. That shouldn’t be too hard since the season was shortened to eight games in eight weeks. I hope everyone is well-rested because this season is going to feel like it’s moving at hyper speed, which means every team better bring its A-game. Is this shortened season going to make everyone happy? Of course not. But at least it’s giving the players, especially the seniors, a chance to have a bit of normalcy back in their lives. As for how the season is going to pan out and who is going to win the most games? Well, I think since nothing about 2020 has gone according to plan that maybe it’s best if we don’t read too much into the so-called expert predictions or any of the hype that those Buckeyes are going to have the best record. Who knows? Maybe Rutgers will end up as Big Ten Conference champions this year. Ha! I was barely able to type that with a straight face. Speaking of Rutgers, they face off against Michigan State in East Lansing on Saturday, October 24 at high noon. After that game, you can take a nap before Michigan faces off against Minnesota in Minneapolis at 7:30 p.m.

Thanks for your question and remember… Go Green! Go Blue! Go anyone but OSU!

Dear Crabby

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