Dear Crabby, Are You Ready for Some Commercials?

Dear Crabby,

This past Saturday I settled in to spend a full afternoon and evening watching commercials. Instead, I was occasionally blasted with a few minutes of football. Where do I file a complaint?

Orville H.

Dear Orville,

Wait a minute. You mean you don’t want to be bombarded by male enhancement products, along with pizza, beer, and a host of other products every two minutes while watching your favorite football teams? Good thing you don’t work in advertising. But you’re right about the amount of commercials shown during a game. It’s getting a bit out of control, but there’s a reason: a decline in viewership. Yup. I can’t speak for the college games, but apparently the NFL is experiencing its worst ratings in a decade, so the TV network bigwigs decided to give away more commercial time to make up for the fact less fans are watching. Kind of ironic if you ask me. Less people are watching, so they push more products/commercial time to meet the quota they promised their advertisers, which makes loyal fans upset that they’re watching less of the game. I’m sure it all sounded like the greatest idea since sliced bread when they came up with it in a boardroom on Madison Avenue. Heaven forbid they actually think about the viewers. And here’s something else to consider: maybe viewership wouldn’t be so low if they weren’t showing games almost every day of the week! DearCrabby

Remember when it used to be a big deal if your team was playing a Monday Night Football game? Those were the days with guys like Howard Cosell and John Madden providing great color commentary. Even pretty boy Frank Gifford did a bang-up job. Heck. I’d be in my chair just so I could see Hank Williams, Jr. yell, ‘Are you ready for some football?!’ I didn’t want to miss a moment. Then of course they changed it to Sunday Night Football. Now there’s also Thursday Night Football, which is also sometimes shown on Saturdays later in the season. Nope. That’s not confusing at all. Add into the mix college games, regular Sunday games, and the games available on network and cable channels and as I said before, it’s all gotten a bit out of control. If you ask me, the only time I want a bunch of commercials when I’m watching football in during the Super Bowl. At least then I know it’s coming and usually the commercials are much funnier than what they show throughout the regular season. So, until these yahoos get their act together, I think we’re stuck with the commercials. I’d suggest watching less football, but then they’d probably just add more commercials to offset the fact people are watching less football. On the bright side, we can at least be happy about the fact the Detroit Lions are currently in first place in the NFC North.

Hope that helps. If not, I’ll be back after these messages.
Dear Crabby

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