Dear Crabby, Are You Watching Super Bowl 50?

Dear Crabby,

This Sunday is the Super Bowl and I was wondering if you’ll be watching like millions of others or if you could give two hoots about all the hoopla.

Gary Gridiron

Dear Mr. Gridiron,

DearCrabby‘Two hoots’ – ha! You’re a pretty funny fella. And I’m fella that enjoys watching the ol’ pigskin getting tossed around on a Sunday afternoon. Of course I found the game more enjoyable back in the day when the players basically wore nothing but a plastic helmet and shoulder pads for protection. In my younger days I even entertained the idea of playing football, so I tried out for my high school team. All it took was getting hit hard and ending up flat on my back on the very first play for me to realize I should pursue other (non-contact) athletic endeavors (And yes. You can earn a varsity letter in chess). These days, the only position I play is armchair quarterback. Now I don’t do anything silly like Fantasy Football, but I’ll yell and cheer at the television with the best of them, which of course drives Mrs. Crabby crazy. I consider that an added bonus.

Along with the uniforms, even the Super Bowl ain’t what it used to be. If my memory serves me correctly (let’s just assume I’m never wrong), the first Super Bowl back in 1967 wasn’t even called that. How does the First AFL-NFL World Championship Game sound? Talk about a mouthful! It was between the Kansas City Chiefs and that team from Wisconsin and a 30-second commercial was thousands of dollars instead of millions. And the halftime entertainment was a hodgepodge of marching bands, majorettes, and a drill team. Nothing like the hoopla there is today with the ‘artists’ that seem unable to find clothes that cover their bodies. What exactly is a Coldplay anyway? So ya, I’ll watch the game while providing my curmudgeon brand of commentary throughout, of course. All I ask is that there is a bucket of buffalo wings… in case I need to throw something at the TV.

May the best team win!
Dear Crabby

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