Dear Crabby, Can anyone learn to snow ski?

Dear Crabby,

How hard is it to learn to snow ski? I’m an adult now and I’m never done it, but it cannot be that hard… can it?

Sincerely, Igo Boom

Dear Igo Boom,

I do not think the answer to this question will be the same for everybody. Things come pretty simple to me except for things that deal with money, people, or my in-laws. I learned to ski one weekend as a teenager with a few of my buddies as we drove north out of Detroit and found a ski hill. We were all given verbal instructions, we strapped some skis to our feet and we gave it a try. We were skiing like pros within an hour and I’ve never looked back since. However skiing may have come easy to me, but becoming an instructor was not easy for me. Mrs. Crabby nearly left me the year she asked me to teach her how to ski. We went out with some friends and she asked me to show her and I thought it would be no big deal. An hour and a half later we had finally made it up the rope tow on the DearCrabbybunny hill and she was still trying to figure out how to stand without falling. I realize I was not a very good instructor and she was afraid that she would not be a good skier. But later she proved me wrong and she became a great skier. So the problem was simply me. Years later I took my son out to show him how to ski. He was about seven or eight years old at the time. I decided he did not need ski poles because he had good balance and I was just teaching him the basics. He had no problem skiing, it was the stopping however, that was a different story. He went down that hill no problem going back-and-forth looking like a veteran skier! Then I noticed as he got closer and closer to the ski lodge he did not slow down at all. Matter of fact he ended up skiing right into the railing where everybody was sitting and drinking hot chocolate! Thankfully the railing was there. Mental note to the instructor, “Teach how to stop before you teach them how to go.” So you asked me if anyone can learn how to ski? I guess my answer would be, “Maybe.” The real question is can anybody be a ski instructor, and my answer is, “No!” So I wish you good luck and I encourage you to try it. But definitely do not call me to teach you how! Let me know it works out. Happy Holidays.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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