Dear Crabby, Can You Suggest a First Date Idea?

Dear Crabby,

I just met a girl at college here in Rochester and I want to ask her out. I’m not from the area; can you recommend a first date idea that will knock her socks off?

Sincerely, Need a Good Plan

Dear Need a Good Plan,

First of all, socks should not be coming off until at least the third date and then, only to give her a foot massage. But I know you didn’t mean that literally. You’re in luck, back in the day I was king of first dates, not so much second dates, but certainly first ones.

DearCrabbyIt’s the start of fall here in Michigan, and that means a bunch of fun things to do. Such as haunted houses. I remember taking a girl to a haunted house on a first date. We met some other couples at this haunted house (I think they call them attractions now). It was in a barn on a farm just north of Rochester. As we went through the scary rooms, I was laughing at all the gimmicks they do to try to scare you. They didn’t work on me, but they did on my date, every time she got scared, she would hold my arm tight. I rather liked that. However, after several minutes of this, she was squeezing my arm so hard it was hurting and my eyes started to tear up. I was relieved when it was over. Then our group wanted to do the corn maze, I got lost and never saw her again. Well, not that night anyway. They left me there and I had to call for a ride home. She never went on a date with me again.

So maybe not a haunted house. We do have several cider mills in the area that are open this time of year and I hear they can be a good date spot. Have a plan to visit one or two of them and know what they offer. Then ask her out with that plan. Drive and pay. Get a jug of cider and a dozen donuts. That may seem like a lot, but get a variety and say something like, “let’s try them all.” Be cute and break one in half to share. Go for a walk on a nearby trail and carry the goodies. Fresh air and sweets will help her to like you. I suggest you purchase a couple of pumpkins to take home for carving. That’s a good way to set up a second date right away. Oh, and let her have the leftover cider and donuts.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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