Dear Crabby, Did you Lose Power from this Big Wind Storm?

Dear Crabby, I know Power Outages are a Pet Peeve of yours, Did you Lose Power Again from this Big Wind Storm?

Sincerely, Gusty Day

Dear Mr. Day,

Of course we did – most of Rochester seemed to have lost power. In fact, I had to drive to a nearby coffee shop and pay way too much for a Cup of Joe just to use their “free” Internet to write my weekly column. Thankfully, your question came in this morning just in time for me to vent – again – about the darn loss of power.

Here we are, having spring, fall, summer and winter all in the same week – standard Michigan operating weather procedure – when these huge winds came down on us. We used to tell our kids that wind comes from God when he helps old people blow out the candles on their birthday cake. Well, someone must have been turning 150 yesterday!

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Fortunately, there was no rain and no snow with the blast of air. And I really can’t blame the electric company on this one, as much as I like to blame others. The weatherman will tell you we get winds like this because of temps changing quickly – well, it was warmer yesterday and colder today – I guess this time he may be right. But that cold weather will really drop tonight, and without power, it may be really, really cold.

So, what is my plan to stay warm you ask. Well, Mrs. Crabby and I will have the grandkids over. The little ones like to jump in bed with us. But before that will happen, I’ll have them run in place for 20 minutes. I’ll tell them it’s the kind of exercise prisoners have to do when confined to a cell. If they complain, I’ll remind them that most people who go to jail started off by not listening to their grandparents.

Since we won’t have TV due to the power outage, this serves as entertainment. It also serves to exhaust them enough to sleep through the night. And finally, they’re like little toaster ovens warming up our bed. That’s my plan to stay warm. Now, if only I had a walk-in cooler for those hot summer nights …

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When the power is out – Power up the fun I say!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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