Dear Crabby, Did you Win the Mega Millions Lottery?

Dear Crabby, I heard on the news that someone from Michigan won the Mega Millions, was it you?

Sincerely, Long Lost Relative

Dear Relative, I would not be spending valuable time answering dumb questions from people I don’t really know if I had won. Or would I?

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You see, when someone wins the lottery, their life changes. And when someone wins a big one, like this recent one, it really changes. They can never go home again after they go public with the win. And since any multi-state lottery winner has to go public, it’s a nightmare for them … although they are now rich, it’s a life-altering ordeal.

What should anyone do if they win big – let me tell you. First, double and triple check you really won, then secure the ticket – I recommend a safety deposit box. Then, go see an attorney to find out the best course of action. You’ll also need a good accountant. Once you have that worked out, find a gated community or private secure residence to live in, but not with your name on it so curious people – like long lost relatives – can’t find you. Then go public.

Winners have a year to claim their prize. As hard as it might be, they should not quit their job or change their routine until they have all their gold ducks in a row. So, who knows, maybe I did win and I’m on the down-low for now.

The good news is – no matter who that lucky person was in the Novi Kroger store – someone from Michigan won, and won big! We all wish the person well, hope they make good decisions with their new found wealth. And please know, I’m a writer for hire – if anyone just came into a large sum of money and needs someone to write crabby letters to ex-wives, long lost relatives, former bosses, deadbeat nephews, etc. … I’m your guy.


Dear Crabby

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