Dear Crabby, Do Adults Need Coloring Books?

Dear Crabby, Do Adults Need There Own Coloring Books?

Sincerely, Art Smith


Dear Mr. Smith,

When I first hear about adult coloring books, I thought the idea was silly. After all, if – as an adult – you want to color, go ahead. Who needs the title of a book to tell you it’s for you? I mean, have you ever heard of Children’s Literature for Adults or Young Adult Novels for Adults – of course not – so why would you need Coloring Books for Adults?

Dear Crabby Gives AdviceWell, as I discovered, the coloring books are quite different than the ones from my youth. A couple times per month I find myself strolling around Barnes & Noble, and just recently, I came across these highly detailed coloring books. Many have serious patterns and designs. And many pitch “anti-stress” or “relaxation” in the descriptions. As I browsed through the books at the latest fad table in the bookstore, I became stressed just thinking about how tedious it would be to color in those little lines. All that detail seemed to drive my blood pressure up. Just then a sales person approached me and suggested I looked a little “worked up” and that the adult coloring books would be very helpful. I just set the books down and wondered off, I didn’t want to tell the young man that the store’s books got me that way.

Truth is, for most people art is therapeutic. And the book makers have found a way to market a fond pastime for children, to grown-ups. But for me, I’ll traipse down memory lane with coloring books for children – they’re tough enough for me and not as intimidating as those new coloring books for adults. However, if you’ve mastered those books for ages 4 to 8, then by all means try your art skills on this new trend. B&N had a huge selection, and even more can be found online. I picked up a copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon, just to get my creative juices flowing, and The Really Big Book of Bible Story Coloring Pages. It’s perfect for me, simple illustrations, and I can claim I’m getting my bible study in for the week too. I’m already up to the parting of the Red Sea!

Maybe I should put out my own Dear Crabby Coloring Book and the illustrations could mimic all those wonderful nostalgic stories of my past I use to give advice every week … you’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Have fun with art, Art.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby


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