Dear Crabby, Do Minimalists have Junk Drawers?

Dear Crabby, I want to downsize my life and be more like a Minimalist, but how far do they go, do Minimalists have junk drawers?

Thanks, Libby Small


Dear Ms. Small,

I remember when being a minimalist meant creating art that was to-the-point, by reducing unnecessary detail; and it used simple materials and geometric shapes. It also described the idea of simple living, slow to change, slow growth in the economy, and a simple idea of faith – think Gandhi.

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More and more, those thoughts about simple living have manifested – in part, due to Baby Boomers aging and having too much stuff – to the point of the trend, to downsize and get rid of things … and that may include junk drawers.

Minimalists are said to have fewer than 100 belongings. This way of living opens the door to enjoy life – to live in the moment. They don’t have extras, nor want them. They’ve cut the cord and don’t have cable, heck, they may have no TV at all. They use ride-share services like Uber and stay in Airbnbs. No clutter – whatsoever. Their basements and attics are empty. They don’t go shopping. And they’ve abandoned negativity.

They reclaim their time. Pursue passions. Eat healthy. Exercise. Minimalists grow as individuals, consume less, create more, discover, contribute, and live. They are positive people.

We’ve had a few generations now of consumers, collectors, and packrats. Not everyone will become a “minimalist,” however this younger generation doesn’t want our stuff. Those keepsakes and mementos will not survive after you die. It’s a different time. This I know.

I don’t see myself becoming a minimalist anytime soon. I think it’s too late for me. Besides, it’s a Crabby tradition to leave your kids a bunch of crap. I plan to leave my children much of that same useless stuff that my parents left me and their parents left them. And keep your hands off my junk drawer, there may be something in there I’ll need one day. I don’t know what it is now and I’ll probably forget I have it when I need it … but still, my junk drawer, mine!

Happy downsizing Libby – best of luck to you,

Dear Crabby

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