Dear Crabby, Do Teens Still Get Summer Jobs?

Dear Crabby, Do Teens Still Get Summer Jobs?

Sincerely, Sonny August

Dear Sonny,

Some do, some don’t. But I know where you’re coming from, teens these days don’t seem to take summer jobs like they used to. I had no choice in the matter when I was a teen. My father put me to work with all kinds of outdoor chores and inside repairs. We didn’t have cell phones or color TV to distract us back then. We enjoyed the time with family – to a point – that we just didn’t get during the school year.

The hard work – dad would tell us – not only built character (didn’t even know what that was back then), but we had to do it if we wanted a summer vacation. So we did the hard work, without pay. Such as roofing the chicken coop in 90 degree weather – we had global warming then too (at least it felt like it) and working in the garden. That was a big chore because back then we planted most of the veggies we would use all year. The canning and the freezing took hours, days even – but the wonderful meals my mother would make was all worth it.

Then, as I got older I had to go work at the local hardware or gas station or even at the local pool as a lifeguard one year – that was the best one – to “earn my way in life” dad would say. And I got paid. This was new. Of course, I never got an allowance after that.

Not all kids today do that kind of work. They take summer classes, they have football camp, or cheerleading camp, and their parents don’t make them like my parents did. Of course, some do get summer jobs – my guess is those will be the next business owners and leaders in the community.

So send your teens to go get a summer job – it’s cheaper than sending them to some camp – chances are they’re not going to be a professional football player one day, but they will need to know how to hold a job.

Happy Summer,

Dear Crabby


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  1. Dear Crabby , Hear, Hear!!! You are so right on.

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