Dear Crabby, Do the Girl Scout Still Sell Cookies?

Dear Crabby,

Years ago my daughter sold Girl Scout cookies. We would have so many boxes, our house smelled like Thin Mints for months! But nowadays I feel like I hardly see them out selling cookies. Do you know if they’re still selling them and where I can buy them?

Tina Mints

Dear Tina Mints,

I hear what you’re saying, but you can trust me and my expanding waistline when I say the Girls Scouts absolutely still sell cookies. But like most everything else in our society, their selling technique has gone hi-tech. No more loading up the Red Flyer wagon and peddling your wares up and down the neighborhood. Nope. Now you can order Girl Scout cookies from your La-Z-Boy.

Thanks to their Digital Cookie® platform, these young leaders of tomorrow can sell their tasty treats, manage orders and inventory, learn how to navigate the Internet safely, and earn age-specific Business badges! Mark my words, one day, we’re all going to be working for women who started out as Girl Scouts. The only hitch is you and I can’t order directly online. You still gotta find that Girl Scout connection. If you don’t already know a Girl Scout, just start casually mentioning in conversation that you’re looking for one. I’m sure there’s someone ‘on the street’ that can give you the ‘hook up.’ Or, you can just hang around a medical marijuana dispensary.

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Dear Crabby Gives Advice

Like I said before, these young ladies are business savvy and in it to earn badges and win prizes. Back in 2014, a Girl Scout go-getter named Danielle Lei Colorado got creative and decided to set up shop right outside a marijuana shop. According to the article I read, in two hours she sold 117 boxes. That breaks down to about one box per minute! Now I know some folks will take issue with a young child being anywhere near marijuana, but she had the store and her parent’s permission (and I’m sure they were with her) so I have to give her credit for thinking outside the box. I mean, isn’t that what being a Girl Scout is all about? And in case you’re wondering, the best-selling Girl Scout cookie flavor is Thin Mints. Mrs. Crabby thinks the Samoa cookies are the best. But maybe some people know them as Caramel deLite? Oh, you didn’t know that some of the Girl Scout cookies we have in the Midwest are different than what is offered in other parts of the United States?

Basically, the Girl Scouts of the USA (that’s their official name) use two companies — ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers — to make their cookies. So, their taste and even how they look will depend on what region you live in. In Michigan, we’re part of the Little Brownie Bakers region. This means we get the Samoa version that Mrs. Crabby (and half the country) loves so much. They come with a heavy layer of caramel, dark chocolate coating and lots of toasted coconut. But the rest of the country gets the ABC Bakers’ Caramel deLite, which has milk chocolate, a vanilla-flavored cookie, and less caramel. Pretty sneaky, huh? And if that switch-a-roo wasn’t enough, how about the fact that there are some cookies only one region gets! That’s right. Some folks haven’t been getting the FULL Girl Scout Cookie experience. Just let that sink in for a minute.

As for when the Girl Scouts stop selling their wares, well that’s up to the individual council. But if you can’t find them or if you’re one of those people who needs their Samoa, Tagalongs, or Thin Mint fix year-round I’ve heard the budget-friendly grocery chain Aldi has them. Just don’t tell Mrs. Crabby.

Happy munching!
Dear Crabby

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