Dear Crabby, Do you Believe in Aliens?

Dear Crabby, I’m Hooked on the Return of The X-Files TV show and I was wondering if you Believe in Aliens?

Sincerely, Susie Skeptic


Dear Susie,

I don’t watch much television with that kind of nonsense. However, I did see a few of their programs back in the 1990s that did not revolve around the UFO stories that the show was famous for. I think they called them “Monster of the Week” episodes, where a “monster” – not an alien – was proven to be nothing more than a human with some mutation or disease. Sometimes the show was slightly scary, but mostly disturbing, sort of a crime story with hokey mysterious bad guys. I liked the redheaded gal, Scully, and her way of providing an earthbound or natural reason things were as they seemed, through science. She is level-headed and smart … just like me.

Dear Crabby with a Laptop ComputerI enjoy other programs that recreate the mystery to prove it was just a weather balloon or swamp gas or something. Sure, other times they cannot disprove alien mysterious intervention, but they have never proved it either.

The Bible tells us we have not yet discovered all that God has created. Could that be life on other planets, yes. Could that be life in the depths of the oceans, yes. Could that be that one grandchild of mine that is so different that being an alien makes the most sense, probably not. But I will tell you I believe the governments of the world are covering up something – aren’t they always – about strange aircraft sightings. I’m sure they’re just the Russians, or the Chinese, or our own experiential planes they don’t want us to know about.

It would be wonderful to find out we’re not alone in this great big universe. Maybe we’d stop fighting with each other if we only knew how small we are compared to all of creation. Just like Mulder from the X-Files, I guess you could say I want to believe.

Enjoy the TV show Susie, but I don’t think you need to watch out for little green men or flashing lights in the sky anytime soon.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby


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