Dear Crabby, Do You Believe in Self-Defense?

Dear Crabby,

My daughter wants me to take a self-defense class with her. The mere thought of ever needing to defend myself scares me. Can’t I just keep living in the “ignorance is bliss” mode of life?

Sincerely, Missy Sissy

Dear Missy Sissy,
I always think it’s a good idea to know how to defend yourself.  I grew up in Detroit, I defended our country overseas, and I raised two kids – I know my fair share of defense work! I still say that the best defense in many circumstances is to run away.  I have no problem with being called chicken or scaredy cat!  After all, I’m still alive!  I remember as a young man seeing this little guy giving some gal a hard time. He was hollering at her and she was yelling back at him and telling him to go away.  I nonchalantly walked up to tell him to stop, but before I knew what was happening, he turned and clocked me so hard I was knocked out!  When I woke up both of them were gone, and my buddies were wondering if I was dead. I learned to be a little more on the defensive after that!  In the Army Boot Camp, we had a Drill Sargent named Sargent Carter. One day, when he was telling us how to fight with sticks, he came up to us to demonstrate and screamed at me to hit him as hard as I could.  I obeyed, but as I swung, he turned to keep talking to the other men.  It was in that instant, that the stick hit his hand and knocked his thumbnail clean off!  He turned white like a ghost and bit his lip.  He begrudgingly said,”Very good son, carry on,” and walked away!  Man, those guys are tough as nails – maybe that’s a bad analogy!  When it came to those child-raising years, the defense techniques came in really useful.  However, I never did find a way to protect myself from those unexpected hits in my private areas!  I tell you what, I could take on downtown Detroit and any bad guy overseas, but when it comes to the battles in my own home I found myself down for the count several times!  Anyway, as far as you learning to defend yourself, I always recommend that people learn the basics. If you never need to use it, then count yourself lucky. If nothing else, it may give you the edge when battling your grand kids someday – I know that’s what my training comes in handy for!  Good luck, and let me know how it turns out!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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