Dear Crabby, Do you go to Estate Sales?

Dear Crabby, Do you go to Estate Sales?

Sincerely, Jerry Junkman


Hello Jerry,

There does seem to be many, many more estate sales this year than ever before – the signs are everywhere! What I don’t see are garage sales signs, not many anyway, but I have a couple ideas about why that is.

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First of all, with the pandemic still going on, I feel some people are skipping the garage sale adventure of hosting a sale by not having strangers rummaging around their garage and belongings. Or, it might be that people have figured out that hosting an “estate sale” sounds more prestigious than a “garage sale.” And finally, it may be that more people are in downsize mode. Those who are downsizing usually hire a company to do all the work of pricing, selling, and getting rid of what’s left – that way the owner doesn’t have to interact with folks and so an estate sale becomes the plan. But do I go to them?

I try not to, they’re sad. All those dusty heirlooms, treasured knickknacks, and forgotten memories, just left for the taking … by strangers. Their kids and grandchildren don’t want or need their stuff. Long gone is the need for stereo receivers, cassette decks, record players, and DVD players … let alone the classic tech of reel-to-reel, 8-track, Super 8 projectors, or even VHS recorders – smartphones and streaming have taken care of all that gear, not to mention all the tapes, records, and CDs to go with them. Tools and yard equipment, who needs them, people today just hire that work done. And most antiques and collectibles have lost their value – there’s just too many on the market these days – so fine China sets, ceramic angel figurines, and Victorian hutches are a waste of space now.

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If you do go to estate sales, the last day is the best day. You know me, I’m always looking for a deal and the last day (often on a Sunday) usually offers 50% off – which is really all you should be spending on that junk to start with. But, you never know, you may find that one thing you can’t live without – like this one time Mrs. Crabby made me stop at a sale and I found the entire series of I Love Lucy on Betamax … which I’d love to watch if I could find anyone who still has a Betamax video player!

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Anyway, maybe I would find that old video format if I went to those sales, but like I said, I don’t. They’re sad and depressing. And I can only imagine that’s exactly what will happen to my treasured trinkets one day.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby


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