Dear Crabby, Do You Hate Visiting the Dentist?

Dear Crabby,

My wife keeps nagging me to get into the dentist for a cleaning and checkup. I’m not scared, but I just don’t get what the big deal is. Do you hate going to the dentist too?

P. Sherman

Dear P. Sherman,

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First of all, no one loves visiting the dentist. There are all sorts of weird smells and sounds. Plus, the toothpaste they use to clean your teeth is always so gritty and yucky tasting. Usually, when it comes to visiting the dentist, most people hate going because they are scared. While that’s never been the case for me, my son was deathly afraid of the dentist when he was little. All I can say is thank goodness our dentist had a sense of humor and lots of laughing gas! But here’s why I don’t hate going to the dentist – I like using my own teeth to chew my food instead of having it liquified to drink through a straw. And for all you nosey parkers out there who are wondering, yes. I still have (most of) my original teeth. No dentures for this guy. So, in that regard, I don’t hate visiting the dentist. Although, there is one MAJOR thing I hate about going to the dentist – the cost!

I swear dentists and mechanics must use the same price guide for services because there’s no such thing as a little cost when it comes to visiting the dentist. Even with insurance, your wallet always takes a hit. X-Rays: $60; Oral Exam: $50; Cleaning: $100. And heaven forbid you need a filling or tooth extraction. Cha-ching! But the pain of paying aside, visiting your dentist regularly helps your overall health. Did you know that the first two years of medical school are the same for dentists and medical doctors? That’s right. Dentists can tell a lot just by looking in your mouth. It’s not just gum disease and cavities they can diagnose. Dentists can detect health issues like Crohn’s disease, diabetes, oral cancer, heart disease, and more! And since doctor’s visits are also a pain and expensive, going to the dentist is like getting a 2-for-1 exam. At least that’s what I tell Mrs. Crabby every time she harps on me about making an appointment with my primary care physician.

So, do yourself a favor and make an appointment with your dentist today. Regular checkups are cheaper than ER visits.

And don’t forget to floss!

Dear Crabby

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