Dear Crabby, Do you have a Morning Ritual?

Dear Crabby, Do you have a Morning Ritual?

Sincerely, Susie Sunshine

Dear Susie,

I go to sleep with only one plan for the morning — to wake up! And ever since I was born, that plan has worked. Once I’m up and realize I’m alive (that may take a few moments), I do start to fall into a simple routine.

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Way back when, when the kids were in school and I had a full time job, things were different. There was an alarm clock that I never needed — my internal clock got me up early, before the sun. Then I started to perk the coffee. Yup, before Keurig and automatic drip we had to slow brew our coffee in a peculator, where the coffee would bubble up into a glass top. When it stopped, the coffee was ready!

Once I had my coffee, I sat down with the daily newspaper, which was delivered by the paperboy who got up earlier than I did — good kid. Then I would read the headlines, check the weather, and grab my brown bag lunch that Mrs. Crabby packed for me the night before. As I headed out the door, the alarm clock went off — oops — Mrs. Crabby will get that I whisper to myself, closing the door with enough force that she would know I was off to work.

Now when I awake, and I’m sure I’m alive and not dreaming, I give Mrs. Crabby a little peck on the cheek and she swats at me as if I’m some pesky mosquito. Bathroom stop, then coffee. The paper may or may not come — it’s funny to me that a kid on a bike 40 years ago was more reliable than an adult in a car today, but hey, what do I know. For better or for worse, we have the Internet for headlines. Since I don’t really care about which president said this or that, I look at the weather for the day, then I look out the window until the bathroom calls again.

Once I hear Mrs. Crabby making her way down the hall, I make her a cup of coffee — it’s the least I can do after all those years of packed lunches for work. And after my third visit to the bathroom and before Mrs. Crabby finishes her cup of Joe, with a smile on my face I ask her what’s for breakfast!

So, my morning ritual is about the same, I wake up alive, coffee and news — except now there are more trips to the bathroom, no alarm clock, and no drive to work. Retirement is fun, you should give it a try.


Dear Crabby

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