Dear Crabby, Do you like Caramel Apples?

Dear Crabby, Fall brings so many yummy treats and I was wondering if you like caramel apples?

Sincerely, Jonathan MacIntosh

Dear Jonathan,

I love all sweets and treats. Chocolate, caramel, cookies, and s’mores. Keep ’em coming! So sure, I like caramel apples – I remember when they were invented!

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It was the 1950s and I was just a kid. I remember my father talking about this new treat that Kraft Foods had put together. It’s said that they were looking for ways to re-purpose Halloween candy. And some crafty employee melted down some left over caramel and added apples. They started selling all across the county!

My mother starting making them at home, you know, because it’s just melted caramel over an apple. And they were messy and yummy. It’s a great idea to get kids to eat more fruit – don’t you think? It worked on me and I loved eating caramel apples. Mom would sometimes pack one in my lunch for school. I would strut around the lunchroom enjoying my caramel apple treat in front of all the other children. I especially enjoyed biting into my fruity snack covered in caramel front of kids with braces, since that’s something they could not do. Yep, I was that kid!

But that was a rare occasion in the fall – I guess because apples are a fall harvest item. Luckily for us, the local cider mills are still open and they’re the best place to get those kind of caramel apples that mom used to make. Sure, you can still get them in the grocery stores, but it’s just not the same thing.

Rochester Cider Mill uses red apples and their own recipe of caramel to make theirs. And Goodison Cider Mill used green apples for theirs. Depending on your preference, both are good choices.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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