Dear Crabby, Do you like Christmas shopping?

Dear Crabby,

My wife starts Christmas shopping in August – it drives me nuts! When do you start your shopping and do you enjoy it?

Sincerely, Hal Humbug

Dear Mr. Humbug,

The simple answer is, “no and no!” As far as when do I start and do I like shopping.  First of all, I don’t like that many people so the shopping list is already slim to begin with. Secondly, the ones I do like I have trained not to expect much from me! Every year around Halloween, the missus starts hinting around about decorations and humming holiday tunes, and I just growl a little under my breath and flash a few irritated looks back her way.  The day after Thanksgiving though, all restraints are off and she is making the house look like Frankenmuth and credit cards start heating up from all the swiping that goes on. I guess that’s why the kids and the grand kids always yell her name and go running to her for hugs when they come over. That is alright with me though; I am comfortable with my reputation. I did recently start watching that Home Shopping Network a little and ended up calling in on a few of those super deals that they had on there.  I still have no idea who I will give the electronic ankle warmers or the floating golf balls too, but at least I got them for only “$19.99 while supplies lasted,” and I never left my La-Z-Boy! Next week, they are having an “All Christmas, All Day” sale. I am planning on tuning in on that one too! The teaser commercial showed a pooper scooper that you can also use to help fold your laundry!  I think Mrs. Crabby might be in for one of her best gifts yet!  But all that aside, I say let the holiday-lovers enjoy their exercise and do their thing. You just try not to get in the way, and try to find ways to enjoy it your way.  Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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