Dear Crabby, Do you like road construction?

Dear Crabby,

I hate this time of year with all the road construction. Being slowed down really frustrates me!  Do you deal with this too? How do you cope?

Sincerely, Ben Tubeezey

Dear Mr. Tubeezey,

Well, if you are asking if I like being stuck in traffic jams for extended periods of time, on hot days, with tempers flaring, and jack hammers whaling in the background – the answer is no!  I am usually the first one to start whining about the orange barrel season and I start bantering about all the reasons I hate the road construction around my area. There are all those wonderful memories of the fresh asphalt being stuck on my car, and the nice orange stripes from me bumping into the barrels that I like to reminisce about too. But, I must admit, as I get older I am actually maturing and seeing the need for these improvements.  I actually had the opportunity to drive through some communities recently that did not have any road construction going on, and they really needed it.  There were potholes big enough to park a Chevy in!  I started realizing that we are really pretty fortunate to have newer roads in our area and nicer intersections. In my City of Rochester, we recently started a complete Main Street makeover. They are ripping out the entire Main Street from one end to the other, and there will be no through traffic for a few weeks. Of course, citizens and merchants alike will not be happy while this is going on, but I imagine that a few months later many people will stand back and admire the newer and wider street, the updated parking, the beautification of the updated landscape, and more.  Don’t think I am going soft on you now – I’m still ranting and raving every time I drive near it.  I have a reputation to keep, you know! The best way I can answer your question of how do I deal with the frustration is to say that I get all my words out while I am still in the car – this saves my marriage for one more day. And as far as how I cope with it, all I have to say is that it’s a good thing I am retired!  Other than an occasional trip to the doctor and a run up to the corner to get my paper, I really don’t need to go anywhere – and certainly not during rush hour anymore!  So, embrace the moment, think of the future benefits, and do like I do and keep the windows rolled up while you speak your mind in the privacy of your own vehicle! It will help you keep your dignity later – trust me on that one!  Let me know how you do.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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