Dear Crabby, Do you Meditate?

Dear Crabby, Do you Meditate?

Sincerely, Quie


Dear Quie,

This is one of those questions that I pondered answering for hours. I sat quietly, and alone, with my eyes closed … wondering if and how I should answer. I fell asleep. And when I awoke, I forget what I was doing – it just now came back to me as I write this …

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I’m not one of those hippie-dippie, free-love, new age metaphysical kind of people. In fact, I’m the opposite. I’m more straight-laced, love will cost you, old age I don’t want to do any physical activity kind of people. However, meditation comes in many forms. So grab a glass of lemonade and concentrate on my words.

For example, waiting for your number to be called at the Secretary of State’s office, or taking your granddaughter dress shopping, or driving in rush hour – are all forms of emptying your mind and trying to find your happy place. Now, you may think that was a joke – I’m often told that I’m quite funny – but I’m being serious.

Waiting in line is sort of a “guided meditation” where one uses imagery – forming pictures in their head – with a voice guiding them to calmness. I picture my number being called as I listen to the voice say “now serving 17,” and since my number is 45, this form of mediation may take hours.

When shopping with a woman, your job is to be supportive and to just be there for them (so I’m told). So, it’s like “loving kindness meditation” where you direct well wishes toward others with warm words of encouragement – “that dress looks nice” or “try on another, we’ll find the perfect one, we’ve got all day.” As your will to live melts away, you chant caring phrases to bring peace to one of the most boring practices on God’s Green Earth (which reminds me, never say a green dress looks nice).

Driving in rush hour – thankfully something I rarely do anymore – is a form of “mindfulness meditation.” You are aware of your surroundings and actions, but choose not to worry about them. You fixate on the break lights in front of your car, you listen to the hum of tires on the pavement, and you disregard the fingers people point at you – yes, yes, I know I’m number one – it’s relaxing to know everyone else thinks so too.

Maybe you’re the type of person to focus on your breathing, clearing your mind, and whispering positive affirmations to yourself. Perhaps you achieve enlightenment through the practice of Yoga or Tai Chi. Or, you could try my techniques for when life hands you lemons.

Be happy my friend,

Dear Crabby.


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