Dear Crabby, Do you Sing or Play a Musical Instrument?

Dear Crabby, Do you Sing or Play a Musical Instrument?

Sincerely, Carrie A. Tune

Dear Carrie,

I feel the better question would be “can you sing …” or “should you sing …” And to tell you the truth, yes, I do. But I refer you to my first statement. I can sing, as in the way someone sings and words come out of their mouth – but if you ask anyone that knows me, I cannot and should not sing. But that doesn’t stop me!

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As with many people, I sing best in the shower. My dear family tells me that is the only place I should sing. I’m always walking around the house singing made up songs about what is happening, such as “Who’s at the door, who’s at the door, do I really, no I don’t” or “Will the cat get another mouse, another mouse, another mouse – I don’t care as long as she doesn’t bring in the house, in the house, in the house.” Classics in the Crabby home.

Contrary to belief, I’m a happy person. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love complaining, crabbing, criticizing, denouncing, lambasting, blaming, chastising, and generally spreading my opinions around the world. But that’s just my hobby and it keeps me writing great words of wisdom to you fine folks every week … and that makes me happy. I vent. You win.

So, after I vent, I stroll around the house singing, or whistling, or even just humming a familiar tune. Be happy, express yourself I say. And maybe my ear for music is subjective, but it makes me happy. But playing a musical instrument, now that’s a different story.

Oddly, my family doesn’t mind too much when I sit down at the piano. But I hate it. Piano lessons were the worst. Practice, practice, practice. I think my mother thought I was going to be some great piano player. Nope. Not me. I learned just enough to impress someone for five minutes.

So, the lessons paid off, sort of. I think if I play the piano once a year it warrants keeping the piano in the house. Mrs. Crabby uses it to hold framed pictures of all the kids and grandkids. And that’s her real reason for keeping it. And that five minutes once a year convinces her that her fancy photo holder is worth keeping, for two reasons.

Until next time, keep on singing, or whatever you do to express yourself and drive your family mad.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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