Dear Crabby, Doesn’t Everybody Like Cats?

Dear Crabby,

I just love my cat so much that I cannot imagine anyone not loving cats. But I have this neighbor that always makes a face and derogatory comments towards my cat when he sees it. Maybe I live in a fairytale world, but shouldn’t everyone love these little animals?

Sincerely, Cathy Catty

Dear Ms. Catty,

Well, I have to say that I have gone both ways with this topic over the years. At first, I did not like these critters at all. Then one day Mrs. Crabby and I were walking down the street in our neighborhood when she heard this little meow coming from the bushes. The next thing you know we’re holding this little scroungy, pathetic looking critter and she’s naming it.  Never let a woman name an animal; you know it’s going to be sleeping between you and her for the rest of it’s life! That’s exactly what happened with our little orphan kitty.  She loved that thing and would play with her and make little cute sounds with it for hours.  I, on the other hand, ignored the beast and hoped it might still run away if I left the door open a little too long.  Wouldn’t you know it though, that thing would always find my lap and cuddle up in the evenings. When it wanted more food it was my leg that she rubbed against and would start purring at. After several years I warmed up and began to enjoy our time together. I think Mrs. Crabby even started to get jealous of how close we were!  Years after that kitty went home to “Kitty Heaven,” my daughter got a cat and asked me to cat-sit for her when she went on vacation. I said yes, thinking I would enjoy the time. I had the week off of work and figured I had better let this little fella warm up to me first. I began wrapping a gift for someone while the cat kept pawing at the scraps of paper. I thought it was fun until something unexpected happened. The cat pawed at the open roll of tape and got it stuck to his tail. The next thing I knew that guy was flying around our house and that roll of tape was hot on his trail banging around and making all sorts of a racket. I chased and chased him and just could not catch up to him to set him free. I finally decided to toss a blanket over his head to try to capture him. It worked, for a moment, until I was holding him on the stairs and slipped. The cat went running up my face, with his rear claws gouging my eye, while I went tumbling down the staircase!  The cat jumped for the top of the stairs where he landed on one of Mrs. Crabby’s potted plants, which sent him and the plant over the railing and down to the first floor as well.  The next thing I remember was Mrs. Crabby interrogating me with my eye all bloodshot like I was in a street fight, the cat limping around like he just lost a street fight, and the house looking like a war zone!  The cat and I were not off to a great friendship! So, I guess you win some and you lose some. I am not sure how I feel about these animals anymore. Let me know how your neighbor turns out.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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