Dear Crabby, Have you Been to the Renaissance Festival?

Dear Crabby, You gave away tickets to it, but I was wondering if you have ever been to the Michigan Renaissance Festival?

Sincerely, Interested Princess


Dear Princess,

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who sent in a question for a chance to win tickets to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I think we’ve done this for the last three years. Although, I have to wonder why my wonderful sage-like advice needs an incentive at all. My editor passes along a question each week that I answer – I picture a stack of fan mail from the floor to the ceiling and how challenging it must be to pick a question from hundreds (or thousands) that come in on a regular basis seeking advice they just can’t get anywhere else.

Dear Crabby Gives AdviceAnyhoo, my Lady Princess, yes – I have been to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I would say there are more common folk than royalty such as yourself. They seem to descend from many other lands to the village of Hollygrove every year. Many of them dress in silly wardrobes from the time they believe to be the Renaissance.

Many of my readers may think I lived during the Renaissance, but I’m a little too young for that. However, I pull some of my advice from that time period – or I chew on a turkey drumstick and ponder how to answer. A simpler time with pirates and jousting, and lots of walking. They really needed mass transit back then.

The last time I went, I dressed in vintage clothing to fit the scene (I put on an outfit from the 1950’s), and wondered around shaking my head at most people – it was fun. The food was too pricy, but good. The entertainment was decent – that Ded Bob guy was funny and obnoxious – reminded me of myself when I was younger.

I really hate when the street entertainers walk up to you and start talking nonsense with an accent – what do they want? I threw some pennies at their feet thinking that would work – but it didn’t. So I walked away. The people-watching can be a treat however. I encourage you to go early, really early to avoid the traffic lines. And if you have to use the restroom, they’re called privies or something – took me an hour to figure that one out the first time.

Oh, and look for the Queen – since you’re a Princess – she is the star of the event.

Only one more weekend until next year, Huzzah!

Dear Crabby.

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