Dear Crabby, Have You Dealt with Head Lice?

Dear Crabby,

My kids brought home a note from school telling us that there has been lice reported at the school. I have never dealt with this before, should I be concerned?

Sincerely, Mrs. Clean

Dear Mrs. Clean,

I remember when my kids had an outbreak at their school and they ended up having it on them too. We had actually spotted something in our daughter’s hair about two weeks earlier, it looked like a little fruit fly. We were able to pick it out and put it in a little bag. I took it to the local pharmacist who checked it out and was emphatic that it was not lice. I was relieved and we went on with life as usual. A couple weeks later we found the little bugs again in my daughter’s hair again and this time took her right to the doctors office. They spotted it and verified that it was indeed the little varmint! We then got an education on using the lice shampoo and on cleaning our house thoroughly! After the ordeal was over we realized it wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s never exciting to hear that someone has lice, but other than the clean up it, they are not much of a threat. Now if your kids come up and say there is the stomach flu going around at school that is even worse! We were known as the Yak family for years because it seemed like every Thanksgiving we and our kids contracted the stomach flu and ended up being sick for the four-day weekend. After the kids were out of elementary it seemed like it all got better. Either way these things are a part of life and they come and go. Hang in there and trudge through.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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