Dear Crabby, How are those ‘National Day’ Celebrations Chosen?

Dear Crabby,

Is it just me or is there a reason to celebrate something almost every day of the month? For example, everyone knows April 1st is April Fool’s Day, but apparently, it’s also National Sourdough Bread Day. What do you think? It seems like it’s getting a bit out-of-control. And who decides these things anyway?


Annie V. Sary

Dear Annie V. Sary,

I know exactly what you’re talking about. Why, even now as you’re reading my deep words of wisdom, we’ll be celebrating National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day on April 21st. And then later this week, I’ll be observing National Jellybean Day (April 22) and National Cherry Cheesecake Day (April 23). Those are all part of the recommended daily food groups, right?

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The days I mentioned above are just the tip of the ‘National Day …’ iceberg. So how did all this silliness get started? Well, a woman named Alice Anderson and her hubby took notice of the growing interest in these national days of celebration and basically turned it into a business called the National Day Calendar. Their website says they’re “the authoritative source for fun, unusual and unique National Days.” There are even Celebration Ambassadors! Want a National Annoy Your Neighbor Day? Go ahead and fire off an application. And get this. Companies are even requesting days to help their brand. That’s right. A company can apply for whatever day of celebration makes sense for their market and use it as an advertising or marketing tool for their brand. How crazy is that? This helps explains why there is something to celebrate nearly every day of the calendar year. The only hitch is you can’t declare a National Day, Week, or Month in honor of any individual. Apparently, that takes an act of Congress. So, I guess there goes my dream for a National Dear Crabby Day. The government is such a killjoy.

Not all these days are silly though. In fact, some have gained enough recognition to be taken seriously, like Earth Day which is on April 22 this year. Sure, when I first heard about it, I thought it was a bunch of recycled hippies with too much time on their hands. Now, I can see where it has some value in helping out local small businesses and even farmers. Unfortunately, I don’t think downtown Rochester is hosting their annual MI Earth Day Fest, but I’m sure other cities are celebrating if you want to join in. Look. With everything 2020 threw at us, and all the stuff still going on, it helps to have silly reasons to celebrate. Personally, I’m looking forward to celebrating National Honesty Day on April 30. As you can imagine, Mrs. Crabby is thrilled.   

Hope this answers your question. Now get out there and celebrate something!

Dear Crabby

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