Dear Crabby, How Long Will the Shutdown Last?

Dear Crabby, How Long Will the Shutdown Last?

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Dear George,

I’m an advice columnist, not a psychic, but I’ll give it a go. As most of know by now, this is now the longest government shutdown American has dealt with. This is President Trump’s second shutdown. The first one (three days) was one of the shortest on record, but this one – 29 days so far – is several days past the old record of 21 days under President Obama and the previous before that of 16 days under President Clinton.

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And keep in mind, these are really partial government shutdowns with roughly 16% of federal workers being furloughed who are deemed “non-essential” – which must do wonders for morale. Come to think of it, I’d probably be on that list here at the newspaper.

Federal workers, still on the job, are going without pay. They’ve missed just one paycheck and are close to missing the second one – they get paid every two weeks. And in the history of shutdowns, all federal employees (working and furloughed) receive back pay eventually. So I wonder why we furlough anyone if the back pay will be coming?

I feel it’s a great time for furloughed workers to start a new career. The economy is good, tons of jobs are out there, from broom-pushers to CEOs. Now is a good time to change jobs. Sure, some are not allowed to take another job and others will worry about retirement plans being affected. But I say they should take a stand and go to work in the public sector. After all, right now they’re “non-essential,” this is a good chance to move into a position in life that is essential.

And furthermore, we could probably cut many of the jobs out of the federal government since they seem really unnecessary, thus shrinking government and saving money … maybe enough money to build a wall?

Anyway, who knows how long it will last. It could end today or go another month. Will the Dems cave like they did last time or will Trump give in? Let’s watch this one together.


Dear Crabby

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  1. Crabby, shrink the “government” have you lost your blinders? Why everyone knows we just let government at all levels grown on & on. BUT I, for one like the way you think! tk

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