Dear Crabby, How Many Christmas Lights are Too Many?

Dear Crabby,

My family and I were in Downtown Rochester when they flipped the switch on The Big, Bright Light Show. And that got me wondering… is there such over a thing as too many Christmas lights?

Thanks, Bill Luminous

Dear Mr. Luminous,

DearCrabbyYou pose an interesting question there, sir. While all those thousands of lights are pretty neat, there’s a difference between having that many lights on buildings and having that many lights on your house. It seems like nowadays, there’s a wannabe Clark Griswold on nearly every street. The competition to see who has more Christmas spirit has gotten out of control. More like who will have the biggest electric bill come January—Ha! I’m more of ‘keep it simple’ guy. Give me some of those white icicle lights across the front of the house and that’s all festive I need. And in my advanced years, I have found a way to get others to put them up for me. Yep. All it took was one year of me pretending to teeter on the ladder while trying to hang the outside lights to send Mrs. Crabby to declare I was going to kill myself. Now, our children and grandchildren come over to handle the heavy lifting and we ply them with cocoa and cookies. Just like the good lord intended it to be. Afterwards, we all pile into someone’s minivan and head over to Auburn Hills to catch the Our Dancing Lights, which has over 53,000 lights, all choreographed to dance to the beat of the holiday music. That’s all the ‘season’s bright’ I need.

Good luck with the lights!

Dear Crabby

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