Dear Crabby, How Often Should I Replace My Bath Towels?

Dear Crabby, How Often Should I Replace My Bath Towels?

Sincerely, Jordan Loo

Dear Jordan,

Why would you want to replace bath towels, you’re only drying clean parts of your body, right? That’s a typical response from a man, isn’t it, but I’ve learned better over the years.

It’s true, you are drying – for the most part – a clean body. However, since you’re drying a clean body, don’t you want the cleanest towel around – yes, yes you do. You see, towels hold moisture and that can allow bacteria to grow and there is ton of bacteria floating around your bathroom. So, always hang your wet towels up to air dry and wash them after 3-4 uses. Mrs. Crabby likes to wash them even more often and she likes to run them through twice, once with detergent and once with vinegar.

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I remember this time when I was a boy and my parents sent me to summer camp. I took a brand new, big bath towel to use after the shower or hanging out at the beach. Unfortunately, my bunk mates forgot their towels, so three of us shared my one towel for a week! Us men, were under that silly illusion that we were only drying a clean body. But after hot days at the beach, shower-after-shower, and more, it never got a chance to dry completely … ever. By the end of the week, that towel was it’s own camp – a camp of yuck!

When I go home and told my parents about camp, and the towel, my mother marched me to the bath and made me soak for an hour – she may have even tossed some bleach in the tub. I never saw that towel again – so many memories, so many germs.

So, lesson learned, wash your towels frequently, don’t share them with others, and replace them every two years. Most of my old towels become garage rags, so they get a few more years of service. Hope that helps.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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