Dear Crabby, I can row a boat, Canoe???

Dear Crabby,

My wife and I are thinking of taking up a hobby together and we are considering canoeing. Have you ever tried this sport? I hear it can be very relaxing. Please tell me your experience with it.

Sincerely, Man Overboard

Dear Man Overboard,

I think canoeing with your wife would be about as relaxing as sunbathing in the middle of the expressway during rush hour! I am not sure which buddy is setting you up for failure, but this could end up in divorce court! I went canoeing with a friend of mine when we were in college up in northern Michigan. We were youth leaders and we took a group of younger teens to the Au Sable River for a weekend expedition. My friend lectured me all the way up on how I could not rock the boat and how we needed to make sure we were the ones to hold on to the valuables and the food so the kids didn’t ruin it for us. We loaded the boats in the water and started rowing down the river. Suddenly, after only about ten minutes, we came to a tree that had fallen across the stream in front of us. My friend panicked and turned around fast to tell all the kids to get to the side of the river in order to walk their boats around. As he turned, he tipped our boat right DearCrabbyover. He made it to the shore, but the boat, the food, the valuables, and I were all swept under this tree! I came out the other side alright, but I was soaked and it was cold! I forgot to mention that it was early spring, it was only about 40-50 degrees, and it was raining the whole time. The next couple hours were the most miserable time of my life! So, if you think that is the way you and your wife can relax and build your marriage ties – good luck! Now, whitewater rafting is quite different. We have done that and it was excellent. We went in warmer weather as a couple and expected to fall in at different parts. We had a guide and he kept a close eye on us the whole time. The only part that I did not like was when the guide told us to get out and walk up this cliff to see the beautiful sights. As we left the boat, he shoved off and started going down the river without us! He yelled that we needed to quickly get up the hill and jump off the other side if we wanted a ride back to camp. That was not a fun position to be in. I did not expect to do cliff jumping. Mrs. Crabby was saying we should walk back, but I said, “Where? He is our only ride out of here!” So I grabbed her hand and walked off the cliff! It was exhilarating! After safely getting back in the boat, I asked the guide if he did that every time or not. He told me this was his first trip, so he is not sure how often he will be doing it. Glad he told me that near the end! But we had a great time and I would definitely recommend that to anyone interested. Good luck, and let me know how you float!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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