Dear Crabby, Is Common Core Harmful or Helpful?

Dear Crabby,

We’re now over a month into the new school year and already I’d like to pull my hair out trying to help my kid with his math homework. This Common Core seems crazy, or am I just too old to learn new tricks?

Thanks, Ned Numerical

Dear Ned Numerical,

DearCrabbyThe only reason I know about Common Core is because I’ve hear my children and grandchildren complaining about it, too. For those who haven’t had the privilege of experiencing Common Core firsthand, here’s quick tutorial: it’s supposed to establish consistent educational standards and make sure students are prepared for college. Sounds simple and straightforward, right? The problem is that is looks nothing like the math most of us grew up with, which is why a lot of people loathe it. Did you hear about the man in Ohio who wrote a check to his child’s elementary school using Common Core numbers? It looked like a bunch of nonsense! Of course it the story (and the picture of the check) went viral and reignited the debate about whether or not Common Core should be used at all. Since I don’t have school-aged kids anymore, I really can’t say if Common Core is a good thing or a waste of time. But I think parents could at least try to understand this new way of learning. After all, if parents only complain and give up without trying, what kind of a lesson does that teach their kids?

Hope that all adds up for you.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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