Dear Crabby, Is Hunting Deer Unethical?

Dear Crabby,

The wife and I were driving around this past weekend enjoying all the beautiful fall colors when we saw a family of deer dart across the road. Of course my wife was worried they wouldn’t make it across safely and screamed at me to slow down. I, on the other hand remembered that bow-hunting season for deer starts this week. So I need you to settle an argument between my wife and I. She says in this day and age deer hunting is barbaric, while I say it is all part of life’s cycle. Who is right?


Caught in the Crosshairs

Dear Caught in the Crosshairs,

Oh, boy. This debate has been going on for decades. I often wonder if the people who claim every deer killed is Bambi’s mother realize that way back in the 1700s the folks inhabiting our fine state hunted and trapped for a living? It’s not like there were too many other ways to survive and thrive in those early days. Obviously as the state evolved, along with the times, there became other ways to make a living, so for most at that point DearCrabbyhunting was more about tradition rather than survival. Dads passed down to their sons (and sometimes daughters) the hunting skills they learned from their dads. It was a way to bond and enjoy the great outdoors. Then somewhere along the line, people and groups like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) decided that killing deer was cruel and wrong. Well ya know what? Some people today use the meat from their hunt to stock their freezer and economically feed their family during the long and exceptionally brutal Michigan winters. And for the folks that don’t like the idea of eating delicious venison meat, venison sausage, venison… Where was I going with this point? Sorry. I was getting hungry. Oh, I remember! Michigan has quite a large deer population—especially whitetail deer. And more and more are ending up on the side of the road because of vehicle accidents rather than from a hunter’s bow or gun. So, I think if there is a chance they’re gonna die anyway, it makes more sense to have a hunter do it. That way nothing gets wasted and you don’t have a mangled deer out in the open. That to me would scar kids far more than hunting would.

Of course if you’re gonna hunt, you should be responsible and follow the rules set up by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources as to where and when you can hunt, along with which weapon you’re allowed to use and any licenses you need. See? It’s not barbaric; it’s well organized!

Hope my sage advice helps you win the argument with your wife and that you were smart enough to at least make a bet with her if you won. Like maybe she has to cook you a nice venison meal?

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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