Dear Crabby, Is Hurricane Florence Really The Storm of a Lifetime?

Dear Crabby, Is Hurricane Florence Really The Storm of a Lifetime?

Sincerely, Carol Lynah


Dear Carol,

It is the “Storm of a Lifetime” if you were born yesterday and only until next hurricane season. Doom and gloom are reported with every storm these days – you know how TV news works – we’re all going to suffer the wrath of climate change.

Well, most of the major storms came many years ago – before we were using gas-guzzling cars – half in my lifetime (I’m old). Here’s a list of the top deadliest:

  1. Great Galveston Hurricane in 1900, category 4, 8000 deaths
  2. San Ciriaco (Puerto Rico) in 1899, category 3, 3369 deaths
  3. Hurricane Maria (Dominica) in 2017, category 4, 3057 deaths
  4. Lake Okeechobee Hurricane (Puerto Rico & Florida) in 1928, category 4, 2500 deaths
  5. Hurricane Katrina in 2005, category 3, 1200 deaths
  6. Cheniere Caminada Hurricane in 1893, category 4, 1100 deaths
  7. Sea Islands Hurricane in 1893, category 3, 1000 deaths
  8. San Narcico (Puerto Rico) in 1867, category 3, 811 deaths
  9. San Lorenzo (Puerto Rico) in 1852, category 1, 800 deaths
  10. Georgia/South Carolina Hurricane in 1881, category 2, 700 deaths
  11. Hurricane Audrey in 1957, category 4, 416 deaths
  12. Great Labor Day Hurricane in 1935, category 5, 408 deaths
  13. Last Island Hurricane in 1856, category 4, 400 deaths
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I find the naming of hurricanes to be more interesting than the storm itself … Anyway, as you can tell from that list, we’re doing okay, especially here in Michigan. The Caribbean and Gulf Coast are hit the most, with fewer on the Atlantic Coast, like Hurricane Florence right now. But is she the “Storm of a Lifetime” for the East Coast?

Again, only right now. Hurricane Sandy, in 2012 – a category 1 – was then the “Storm of a Lifetime” back then (only six years ago). So which is it? Sandy or Florence? Only time will tell, Sandy killed 117, and it looks like we won’t beat that number – thankfully – with Florence, we won’t come anywhere close.

Thanks to the advancement of modern weather-watching technology, we can now warn people well in advance. And that saves lives – when they listen. However, that same technology allows the news crews to broadcast the end of times, at least until the next news cycle.

Hope that eases you mind Carol.


Dear Crabby

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