Dear Crabby, Is It Really Spring?

Dear Crabby,

Is spring finally coming this weekend?

Thanks, Shirley Springer

Dear Ms. Springer,

Why yes, according to my At-A-Glance Calendar my wife got me so I wouldn’t forget doctor appointments and plans with the grandkids, spring starts on Friday, March 20. Of course, as we all know, in Michigan the weather could change quickly and we could lapse back into Winter.

Dear Crabby with a Laptop ComputerThe snow is all but gone here in the Rochester Area. Only small piles left from snow plows seem to be lingering. Soon kids will be cutting across my yard and outdoor activities will seem normal again. But don’t take the snow tires off quite yet. I’ve seem snow in April, lots of snow. Sure it doesn’t stick around too long, but it can be nasty. Ice storms. Freezing rain. Hail. Spring can be exciting. The weatherman states we’ll reach the low 50s by Saturday, but most overnights will still be below freezing. Yikes, I better keep the long underwear on for awhile.

Our resident travel guy, Michael Dwyer, who also skis most weekends has informed me that the Southeast Michigan ski resorts have closed for the season. I guess they usually try to wait to see what Mother Nature really brings for the weekend, but they decided to call it quits now. I hear they have tons of snow still on the hills, but customers have stopped coming — maybe they got tired of paying forty bucks to ski in slush — why don’t they just offer cheap lift tickets in March? Not really sure why people like to ski or snowboard anyway, won’t catch me on those things. Anyhow, my point is, if the ski resorts are closed, they must be on to something and spring is coming soon, as in this weekend. Get the bikes ready. Change the oil in the lawn mower. But hold off on putting the snow shovels away, you just never know.

One thing is sure, when you hear me yelling out the door at those kids cutting across my front yard, spring is here. Enjoy it, because if memory serves me right, summer only waits a couple weeks to show its hot head.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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