Dear Crabby, Is it Safe to Drive on St. Patrick’s Day?

Dear Crabby, Is it Safe to Drive on St. Patrick’s Day?

Sincerely, Worried O’Little


Dear Worried,

I’m sure you’re thinking about all those crazy green-beer guzzling fools who start drinking at 7:00 a.m. on March 17 every year. It sure seems as though that day may be hazardous to your health from behind the wheel; however, as the statistics go, it’s not in the top six according to the National Highway Traffic Administration.

Dear Crabby Gives AdviceBelieve it or not, Memorial Day weekend is the more dangerous, followed by New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July. Thanksgiving is well up on that list mostly because of the Wednesday before the holiday. Traditionally, one of the busiest travel times in America – so many come home – with not much to do before Turkey Day. So, they go meet up with the old gang and drink like they used to. Bad combination. Independence Day has increased auto-fatalities over July 3, as well as the Fourth, probably for similar reasons.

Finally, Labor Day weekend and Christmas time round off that list. Many of these holiday deaths on the road are due to over indulging, however some are just because of the increased amount of traffic on the roads.

But your asking about St. Patrick’s Day. It can be dangerous, but it doesn’t make the list. The most important thing to remember about March 17 is not drinking green beer – it’s yucky, trust me – don’t do it. The drink of choice is Guinness. Low in calories, low in alcohol – but you should still have a designated driver. For some reason, Carnival and Fat Tuesday shenanigans carry-over into March even though Lent is in full swing. People are wearing green, dancing to music they would never listen to the rest of the year, and telling everyone that they’re Irish. Plastered Gowls.

St. Patrick’s Day is a Thursday – a work day – so chances are the roads will be busy all day, just like any other Thursday. Yes, I do feel extra care should be taken when driving on March 17, however don’t stress too much. Save your worries for May and Memorial Day weekend.

Stay Lucky, Dear Crabby

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