Dear Crabby, Is Labor Day Weekend Really the End of Summer?

Dear Crabby, Is Labor Day Weekend Really the End of Summer?

Sincerely, Autumn Waits

Dear Autumn,

Hardly. Officially, Fall begins on September 22. And besides having nearly three more weeks of summer on the calendar, we’ve got a ton of outdoor activities going on that will keep the whole family busy … if you want.

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Labor Day and the start of school signals cooler weather, the fall harvest, and suggests the fun is over. Is that really the case? Of course not. While there’s plenty to do this holiday weekend around the state, we have some nifty things coming up right here in our own backyard.

The Michigan Renaissance Festival is up and rolling (after missing last year) in Holly. Which reminds me, I’ll be giving away Michigan Renaissance Festival tickets, as I do every year at this time. The event runs until October 3, and if you hurry, I can still answer a couple of your questions for a chance to win. Email your questions to Do I go and dress up, you’ll just have to read about it in Have you Been to the Renaissance Festival?

This last holiday weekend of summer also marks the opening of a hundred cider mills across the state. We’re blessed to have four fun mills right here in the Rochester area – Yates, Paint Creek, Rochester, and Goodison cider mill. In fact, they all opened last weekend because Labor Day is late this year. If you want to know more about our local cider mills, check out Visiting Michigan Cider Mills at the Rochester Hills Museum on September 7, presented by the Rochester-Avon Historical Society with our own Michael Dwyer, editor for Rochester Media, giving the talk.

You should also read the four articles our historical writer, Deborah J. Larsen, wrote about our local mills:

Next weekend, in Downtown Rochester at the Rochester Municipal Park, will be the annual Arts & Apples Festival (they also missed last year due to the pandemic). It’s a big deal if you don’t know that already.

Another thing about this time of year, is that we often get the question, What’s the Difference Between Memorial Day and Labor Day?. Well, now you know.

So summer is not over. Go out and have fun. Enjoy the festivals, fairs, and gatherings while they’re happening, and then we’ll have all the fall sports to attend until the snow comes – but don’t rush it, savor it.

Dear Crabby

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