Dear Crabby, Is Michigan Still Planning on Holding Elections?

With all the COVID-19 craziness going on, I sometimes forget we’re in an election year. Will we still be able to have our remaining 2020 elections? I heard some states are canceling them. Also, do you know if there has ever been a time in history where a national election has been postponed or canceled?

Vonda Voter

Dear Vonda Voter,

I have to admit that after our presidential primary election back in March, it has been kind of nice not to be hit over the head on a daily basis with political commercials and mailers. But you’re right about some other states tweaking their approach for their presidential primary elections.

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Last I read, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Puerto Rico have opted to either hold their primaries either at a later date or just handle the whole thing by mail and give folks extra time to mail their ballot back. As far as outright canceling a primary, I think those rascals in New York are the first state to do that. Of course, there was Wisconsin who went ahead and held their primary a few weeks ago in spite of people thinking it wasn’t a good idea because of this pesky virus thing. Then again, this is the same state that tried to convince everyone it is shaped like a mitten. Sorry. There is only one Mitten State and we will slap you if you say otherwise. It would be better for those badgers to stick with what they know – beer and cheese. Now even though we Michiganders have checked the primary off our to-do list, it doesn’t mean there aren’t more elections on the horizon.

There are over 50 counties in Michigan that are scheduled to have a May 5 election for things like school and local government millages, or bond proposals. My understanding is if your local elections weren’t postponed, then voters are being encouraged to vote by mail. You’ll have to use Google to look up the specifics for your area. If you don’t have a May election, just kick back and relax until August. That’s when we’re having our state primary. As far as I know, that’s still on. Although, I’m sure there will be an increase in absentee voting for that. And then of course in November it’s the election for all the marbles – the presidential election. I know there have been rumblings that it will be postponed, but Congress would have to pass legislation first and then have the president sign off. You may think it couldn’t happen, but just a month or so ago, none of us thought toilet paper would be more valuable than… our children. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, I’m going to relish in the relative silence of political campaigning. You also asked if a national election has ever been postponed or canceled. I searched the Google high and low and it seems that even during war – Civil (Lincoln) and World (Franklin D. Roosevelt) – the presidential elections found a way to go on. So for the love of Pete, please make sure you are registered to vote. It has never been easier. And since we’re sheltering-in-place until May 15, you have all the time you need to cross it off your checklist and still binge ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix.

I hope that answers your question.
Dear Crabby

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