Dear Crabby, Is Uber Safe?

Dear Crabby,

More and more people seem to be using the car service Uber, but I’m just not sure. What are the driver’s qualifications and more importantly, is it safe?

Thomas Tentative

Dear Mr. Tentative,

DearCrabbyWhen I first read your question, I thought you were asking if ‘________’ was ‘uber safe.’ I was confused there for a bit until my grandson pointed out what you were really asking while laughing at my expense. So thanks for that. OK. Back to your question. I have never used Uber. Thankfully, I can still drive myself places and I like the comfort of my own car. So, I Googled this Uber thing and well, it’s interesting. As far as drivers go, all you need is a vehicle, license, registration, proof of insurance, and ‘information’ to run a background check. I sure hope that background check includes any moving violations or misdemeanors! But let’s be honest, would we be surprised if it didn’t? Now I understand that being an Uber driver provides extra income, but I’m not sure if I’d want strangers in my car. I can barely tolerate having my family in my car! In fact, I saw something recently about a doctor (!) who attacked her Uber driver. Can you believe that? Guess it goes to show that all the education in the world can’t buy you manners. My ahem, research also turned up that not only have there been multiple assaults and accidents, but a few stalking incidents as well. And that’s not even mentioning all the hullabaloo happening between Uber drivers and taxicab drivers upset over them ‘stealing’ their business. Can you imagine being in the car when fists start flying? No thank you! Now I’m sure there are many people who take Uber with absolutely no problem at all and that there are drivers who are just fine and dandy. And I applaud the young people who are being responsible and not getting behind the wheel after a night out on the town. But as for me, I’ll either drive myself or force a family member to take me where I need to go. That way I can yell all I want and not get in trouble.

Hope this helps you out and happy driving!
Dear Crabby

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