Dear Crabby, Kiss Me I’m Irish

Dear Crabby, What is all the fuss about being Irish and having that being a reason to be kissed?


Smooch McGivney


Dear Smooch,

In the 1970s, non-serious t-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers were a big deal. St. Patrick’s Day, of course, has been a big deal for some time. It is funny how many people are Irish on March 17.

Dear Crabby with a Laptop ComputerVisitors to Ireland go see the ruined Blarney Castle just outside of Cork. At the top, they are to bend over backwards and kiss a block of limestone built into the battlements of the castle. Put there in 1446, it’s now a popular tourist trap, and this action gives the person the gift of gab. This legionary gift endows the kisser the ability to talk in a sweet, flattering way with a sense of humor and wit. You may have heard that story before. Therefore, since not everyone has had the chance to travel to Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone, the next best thing is to kiss an Irish person.

I recall one St. Patrick’s Day I put on one of those green t-shirts that exclaims “Kiss me, I’m Irish” on the front. It was a gag gift at my retirement party—most people knew I was part Irish on my mother’s side. Anyhow, my family couldn’t believe I was wearing it out that evening. I said that it was the only green-thing I had to wear. There I was, with family and friends, enjoying a nice Irish dinner when out of nowhere, a tipsy young blonde-haired woman saw my t-shirt and gave me a big peck on the check. Her friends were very nice and apologized for her. It was sweet, I thought, poor girl hasn’t been to Ireland. Mrs. Crabby was none too pleased however.

I still put that green babe-magnet on every March 17, but it hasn’t worked since—I guess most people have been to Ireland these days. I get looks, and some laughs—mostly from Mrs. Crabby who has now forgiven me—but I still wear it.

Therefore, this St. Patrick’s Day, when you see someone wearing a t-shirt or a button that states, Kiss Me, I’m Irish, follow the directions and plant one on them.

Sincerely, Kiss Me, I’m Crabby


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