Dear Crabby, My Kids Won’t Eat Their Veggies!

Dear Crabby,

My kids won’t eat any of the vegetables that I make for them. I’m trying so hard to be a health conscious mom, but they just will not eat any vegetables, no matter how I prepare them.  What can I do?

Sincerely, Healthy Hannah

Dear Healthy Hannah,

I know this battle all too well.  I remember all the antics and struggles that took place in my house while the vegetables were being served.  Mrs. Crabby bought books, went to classes, called the neighbors, sprinkled sugar on top, and even tried to mash them up so they couldn’t be seen in the food!  But after a few years she finally accepted the fact that I just don’t like vegetables!  That’s right, I was the stubborn one that just didn’t like that rabbit food being served in my house.  I blame my mother and the creators of Popeye The Sailor Man!  Both tried to make the vegetables seem fun and like they would give me strength, but neither ever happened.  I would force down some brussel sprouts and maybe a bit of spinach, but I never had superpowers, and I certainly never got that super-brain they promised me!  I know I am probably not helping the mothers of the world with their little health food agenda this week, but I have to say that there must be bigger battles you can move on too.  I mean come on, if the worst thing junior does in his childhood is skip out on some greenage, how bad can that be?  On the other hand, I know the doctors were always telling us how important good nutrition was for our young kids, so we found little ways to get them their vitamins.  Mrs. Crabby actually found a stuffed pepper recipe that was edible for me too. She also found a few ways to slip them in our tacos and our chicken casseroles as well.  I put my foot down on the pizza though. There ain’t no way I’m gonna sit back and let a perfectly good pizza get ruined with some sort of plant fragments sprinkled all over it!   Pizza has cheese and meat- end of story!  So I guess my advice is, make it as enjoyable as you can, and then choose your battle wisely.  We always told the kids that they were to eat the dinner that is served and if they choose not to eat it, then they can go to bed hungry and try again tomorrow.  They always ended up eating eventually!   As for me, I still have my secret stash of peanut M&M’s if I need some real protein after I avoid the veggies!  So, good luck and let me know how you do.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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