Dear Crabby, Should Guys Get Mani Pedi’s or Not?

Dear Crabby,

I know a guy who likes to get a mani pedi every once in a while. Do you think this is normal?

Sincerely, Pete E. Boy

Dear Mr. Boy,

I did not even know what a “mani pedi” was when I saw this question.  I just assumed it was a new sandwich or some sort of energy drink the kids were into.  Then I searched the Internet and realized that you were referring to having your finger and toe nails done at a salon. I had to admit that I had not heard of men doing this before and thought it was a bit strange at first.  You have to remember that old geezers like me come from a different era. When I was growing up you only had someone else do your nails if you forgot to do them yourself and had a bunch of ingrown ones or something.  It was not a feel-good sort of thing at that point.  The only thing I ever did that some people never let me forget was wear pink curlers in my hair to the grocery store. I know that may sound a bit strange, but there is an explanation behind it. I had two older sisters – that’s the whole explanation.  I always saw them using these curlers and I was just curious I guess. Of course my mother could have said something, but she didn’t.  One day, I had a head full of pink curlers and she needed to run to the corner store, so we took off right away. The store owner was a friend of ours and you should have seen his face when I walked in. I saw him about 30 years later and the first thing out of his mouth was, “You remember when you wore pink curlers in your hair?” and he broke out laughing as if it had just happened for the first time.  But that is as far as that went.  I did notice that men are looking to get in on some of the traditional women’s activities nowadays though. I see that women get highlights in their hair and now men can ask for “guy lights.”  Women typically go to yoga classes and now there are “broga” classes for men only. And I have even seen some men’s shoes with heels as an option in recent years.  So, I guess I need to loosen up and accept some of these new traditions. People used to call you names and make up false stories about you if you did something strange or different. Nowadays they just vote you into office!  So I say go for it, and have a blast. My dad used to tell me that we all get about 100 years or less down here to do whatever we want so make the best of it while you can! Good luck and let me know h0w it goes.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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