Dear Crabby, Should I Bother Seeing the New Star Wars Movie?

Dear Crabby, Should I Bother Seeing the New Star Wars Movie?

Sincerely, The Last Jedi Movie Sucked


Dear Last Jedi Movie Sucked,

With that name, I would say “no, don’t bother.” But if you’ve seen the other eight movies in the trilogy-trilogy, then don’t you have to?

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I’ve seen all the other movies, I think, I don’t keep track. First I had to take the kids, now the grand kids, to see them and every other movie out there, or we’d rent them (remember that fad?). Now, we get mostly free DVDs from the library. The new trilogy was exciting to a point with that Force Awakens film, because it bought back familiar and loved characters, but the last one (as I’m guessing is where you’re coming from), The Last Jedi, was horrible. Anyway, my point is, if I’m going to see the movie – eventually – then you will too. But why?

With so many choices out there, it’s sure far down my list – the reviews are awful. What’s this one called, The Rise of Skywalker … aren’t all the Skywalkers dead? I hear they introduce some new characters and the fans have asked why? Most of the previous new characters remain underdeveloped and stale, say the same frustrated fans. However, it’s the end of the long saga.

Like a dear friend who was your whole world years ago and is now barely breathing because he tripped over a mouse and smashed his head – who can only mutter odd phrases like “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” – you still want to be there for them, right? It might be sad and you miss the good old days, but you want to show your love for the past and be there at the end.

The final movie (but not really) in the Star Wars Universe is said to bring back a few characters, who may or may not deliver on screen, and that die-hard fans will appreciate the closure … even if they’d written it differently. The truth is, after the disaster of the last movie, this is probably the best you’re going to get … might as well pay your respects – treat it as a memorial service for that old friend, who was just not themselves anymore, but you wanted to say you stayed with them to the end. But if you’re like me, you’ll wait for a free overnight loaner from the library and not waste your money.

And if you hear positive reviews … it’s a trap!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby


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