Dear Crabby, Should I get a new computer?

Dear Crabby,
My kids want me to buy a new computer, but I just got one about four years ago! How often should someone have to buy one of these things? Is this some sort of marketing scam?
Sincerely, Hew Packard

Dear Mr. Packard,
I am right there with you on that one! I am forever asking my kids or grandkids to help me get my computer back online or make it faster. It seems like they go in circles – it’s either something that I did too much of or something that I didn’t do enough of! I need to remember to update this or that, or I should not have clicked on this or that and now I have a virus. When my kids can’t get the thing going again they always say that it’s time for me to go buy a new one anyway! I miss my old Apple IIe computer from 1984! That thing was excellent! I could type a note, or calculate my taxes, or even print a picture using all letters! Then they started putting games on these machines. When I got my first Windows based machine it had Solitaire and Tetris on it. I was appalled and thought that it was disgraceful to waste such a sophisticated machine on foolish children’s games. Then I tried that Tetris game and got really hooked. Mrs. Crabby had to come beg me to pull away from that silly machine in the evening after my eyes were burning and all blood shot from the hours of stacking blocks! Boy, I’ve got to tell you though, I was really good. If only I could have made a living by playing that game! Oh, the misses used to have a field day telling all her friends about how addicted I was to that game and how she couldn’t understand it at all! But that all changed when she was introduced to Angry Birds on her new computer a year or two ago. I literally have to pry her fingers off that machine in order to get her away from it. She just loves tossing them little birdies at those structures and trying to knock stuff over. Oh well, if it makes you happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone, you may as well try it! As far as buying new machines, I just figure the way technology changes and the way these programs change, I’d better plan on buying a new machine every few years anyway. I don’t think anyone is trying to scam us. I think it’s just the price of progress! Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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