Dear Crabby, Should I Get in the TSA Line?

Dear Crabby,

My family decided to stick close to home for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, but we’re thinking of taking a vacation at some point this summer. Or rather we were until I saw the news about the out-of-control lines happening at airports. Should we brave the lines or should we just stay home?

Gina Globetrotter

Dear Gina Globetrotter,

I hear what you’re saying. Those TSA (that stands for Transportation Security Administration, in case you haven’t flown in 15 years) lines they show on TV look longer than the lines at Disney World! And that’s really saying something. Good grief. I remember the days of being able to stay fully dressed when going through security. All you had to make sure was that you weren’t wearing any metal and took the loose change out of your pocket. And I know all this security is to help keep us safe, but isn’t there a DearCrabbybetter way? Of course, there’s plenty of finger pointing going around. Homeland Security is blaming the long lines on airlines because they charge a kidney for checking your bag, which means more people are choosing to carry-on to avoid the ridiculous fees. Then the TSA is blaming the lines on fliers for not properly adhering to the carry-on rules, which prompts more searches and causes further delays. So, basically it sounds like it’s all the traveler’s fault. You know the honest men and women who have scrimped and saved to take a trip, with their families, it’s their fault. Gosh. How could they be so insensitive? And before any feathers get ruffled, I’m not blaming the boots-on-the-ground TSA workers. Like most federal employees it’s the bigwigs at the top that are mismanaging the situation, which leaves the TSA agents directly in the line of passengers’ ire. In short, these poor people have become scapegoats in addition to being understaffed and underappreciated.

So as I see it your options are, A) suck it up and pay attention to the rules, B) just stay home and drive to Mackinac Island or some other place nearby, C) or you can try my favorite mode of transportation: train. You still get to your destination faster than driving, but there’s a chance to take in the surroundings. And trains provide great people watching. Ever see Murder on the Orient Express? Ha!

Hope this helps you out and safe travels, no matter how you choose to travel.
Dear Crabby

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