Dear Crabby, Should I Vote?

Dear Crabby, Should I Vote?

Sincerely, Nervous Nellie


Yes, every Red-Blooded American should vote Nellie. But I’m sure today’s current election climate has uninspired you as it has many Americans. Let’s look at your choices.

Dear Crabby Gives AdviceMrs. Clinton has years of experience in the system. Her family is well-connected with many in government. Legal or non-legal actions, ethical or non-ethical doings, or basic right or wrong – she cannot be “caught.” She can play the system to her advantage.

Mr. Trump is the rude, obnoxious outsider with few connections in Washington. Limited experience but not part of the gridlocked establishment. Could be the shake-up DC needs.

Third Party. Won’t win but a good protest vote. Don’t like the major party candidates, go third party.

Selective Vote. You can still go to the polls and vote for state and local elections, and ballot proposals, and skip the presidential race altogether.

No Vote. Just like the Amish, you could not vote. Trust that our way of life will be generally upheld with the rule of law and freedom for all Americans. The important word here is “trust.”

I’m going to vote and you should too. As a general rule, it’s good to vote in the opposite party for balance and I always vote NO on all proposals. I don’t like change, but when you have to decide, I go for balance, and I go with my gut.

Either way the big race goes, this thing is not over. Hold on America.


Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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