Dear Crabby, Should I Welcome My Neighbor’s Swimming Dogs?

Dear Crabby, I have a neighbor with three dogs. The dogs joined my dog and I for a swim—everyone was having fun—until the neighbor woman called her dogs home and didn’t seem too happy over the situation. Oddly, her ex-husband cares for her dogs and she doesn’t seem to at all. What should I do if the dogs return?


Love my neighbor”s dogs


Dear Neighbor Dog Lover,

Why do you want to swim with a bunch of dogs? You call that fun? I love animals too, but it seems like a situation that could get out of hand quickly. One or two dogs—I can see that. However, four dogs sound like a pack that may be hard to control. Nonetheless, you seem like a caring person and you may just know how to handle a pack of doggie-paddlers.

DearCrabbyWhen our kids were young, we had a neighbor dog wander over the three or four yards to our house and sleep on our patio. She was an old, slow, and gentle animal; and our children would leave her alone. Her owners had a bunch of yelling, screaming kids and we’re sure the dog came to our house for some peace and quiet. While the neighbor never came to retrieve the old girl, they would call and ask us to send her home. We’d tell her to go home, not sure that’s where she went, but she would leave. Such a good doggie.

Anyway, the neighbors seemed upset that their well-behaved pet would find our yard more enjoyable than their property. Maybe something similar is going on here. Perhaps your neighbor feels guilty and doesn’t like seeing her dogs happy and playful away from her. You may try telling her that you would like her dogs to visit your dog, because you only have the one, and you feel it’s good for your dog to play with others. See if she bites at that piece of psychology? You might also chat with the ex-husband, he may have some insight, and he may still have a claim to ownership if he does the caring of the animals. Tell him they are welcome. Be careful with that one though, you don’t want to get in the middle of two divorced people as well.

With all that said, you may have to just let sleeping dogs lie and leave it alone. Not your dogs.

Good Luck Neighbor Dog Lover


Sincerely, Dear Crabby


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