Dear Crabby, Should Men Dye Their Hair?

Dear Crabby,

As a man in my 30’s who is graying prematurely, I want to begin dying my hair.  I think this would be socially acceptable, but my girlfriend thinks otherwise.  Who’s right in today’s standards?  I feel odd about dying my hair. Should I feel this way, or is it alright for guys to do this?

Sincerely, Ned NoGray

Dear Mr. NoGray,

I guess if you can still look your buddies in the eye after getting your hair dyed, then you are doing ok.  I started turning gray pretty early on too, but I was just happy that I still had hair. Plenty of my buddies lost their hair before they turned thirty. One of my friend’s daughter is a hair dresser. For years, she added a little dye when she rinsed his hair without him knowing. For years, we all accused him of dying his hair, but he firmly denied it!  Finally, when we were all in our 50’s and he still had his jet black hair, we were not buying it any longer.  Next thing we knew, his daughter met a guy and moved out of state. Ironically, about a month later we started seeing all this gray creep right in. After six months, he had more than just a silver lining up there! Personally, I only tried tampering with my hair one time.  We were in our twenties and went to Florida for a week. A bunch of people suggested we put this product called “Sun In” in our hair to make it look sun bleached.  Well, all the guys with light-colored hair looked pretty cool, but my dark hair turned bright orange!  People started calling me carrot top! It must have been a catchy name because I think some comedian kid stole it from me years later, somehow I didn’t mind. The guys never seemed to let that one go – they still call me that every once in a while.  But, I guess if your pretty secure in yourself, then you will be perfectly fine. Just make sure it looks natural; the pumpkin orange wasn’t as subtle as you might think. Anyway, good luck and let me know how it turns out.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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