Dear Crabby, Should we Defund the Police?

Dear Crabby, Should we Defund the Police?

Sincerely, Ann R. Key

Dear Ann,

Well, that’s a big question. The short answer is no. But it’s really up to you, and the public in general. And you really need to understand what that means and how you would do it.

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Most Americans have heard the term by now – “Defund the Police” – and like many waves or trends, people will form a quick opinion, or they really won’t care. Few will actually take the time to research the issue.

While some folks – very few actually – want to abolish the current form of police departments, the defunding agenda really means reorganizing and restructuring our police systems. Things like sending police on every 911 call when 9-out-of-10 calls are non-violent could be something we look at, as well as the demilitarization of local law enforcement might be another way to cut the budget. But these details should be looked at by local leaders, not old crabby columnists.

Police departments receive funding from lots of places – local, county, state, and federal entities, as well as citations, which count for very little revenue – most funds are derived through special millages at the local level. So, to actually “defund the police” would require changes in many areas of government, and especially from local – city and township – municipalities.

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By far, when a millage is on the ballot to fund the local police department, it passes, and passes with ease. This tells me that most people want their police departments funded, and funded well. So do I … you don’t want anarchy, do you?

So, considering your big question – should you actually want to defund the police – would require many layers of change. You would need to vote in local politicians who would cut the police budget and rally supporters to oppose both new and renewal police millages – all, really big tasks.

In the short term, you can do your part by slowing down, not speeding, and not breaking any laws – defund them one traffic ticket at a time.


Dear Crabby

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